Bakó Alexandra – Marshall Barbara
Challenges in teaching intercultural communication (ICC) for healthcare students

In: Bocz, Zs. – Besznyák, R. (eds) (2020): Porta Lingua 2020. Szaknyelvoktatás és -kutatás nemzetközi kontextusban. Cikkek, tanulmányok a hazai szaknyelvoktatásról. SZOKOE: Budapest. 9-18

DOI: https://doi.org/10.48040/PL.2020.1

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Including the intercultural aspect in classes can pose great challenges for ESP teachers. First of all, when we try to find the balance between language learning and improving intercultural competence, we may face various problems on how to support both without the two counteracting one another. Furthermore, we must see and acknowledge our competences and responsibilities when teaching communication as ESP teachers. Lastly, we have to be knowledgeable in how to gradually improve intercultural communication among learners with different language proficiency levels. In our paper we aim to find answers to these questions based on our experience in teaching intercultural communication to health service manager students.

Keywords: intercultural communication (ICC), English for healthcare purposes, English as a lingua franca (ELF), health service manager students