Fajt Balázs
The Production-Oriented Approach (POA) in Hungary: Piloting POA in the Hungarian higher education context

In: Bocz, Zs. – Besznyák, R. (eds) (2020): Porta Lingua 2020. Szaknyelvoktatás és -kutatás nemzetközi kontextusban. Cikkek, tanulmányok a hazai szaknyelvoktatásról. SZOKOE: Budapest. 321-329

DOI: https://doi.org/10.48040/PL.2020.26

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The production-oriented approach for English learners in China is a method which aims to improve and facilitate learners’ productive skills with receptive skills as mediators. In order to make the method more efficient, a special coursebook entitled “iEnglish 1: viewing, listening, and speaking” was also designed in China. Since the coursebook contains several business-related topics, a unit was chosen that best fits the syllabi of the courses of the students at the Budapest Business School: University of Applied Sciences and this unit was taught through POA. The main aim of this paper is to provide insights into the effectiveness of the method as well as the coursebook in a non-Chinese context. The findings suggest that the transferability of the coursebook from the Chinese context to the Hungarian context requires certain alterations in the coursebook in order to make it more suitable for use.

Keywords: coursebook analysis, higher education, methodology, piloting a coursebook, production-oriented approach