Hrivíková, Tatiana
The language of culture and the culture of language

In: Bocz, Zs. – Besznyák, R. (eds) (2020): Porta Lingua 2020. Szaknyelvoktatás és -kutatás nemzetközi kontextusban. Cikkek, tanulmányok a hazai szaknyelvoktatásról. SZOKOE: Budapest. 41-53

DOI: https://doi.org/10.48040/PL.2020.4

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The paper deals with the close connection between culture, language and the process of conceptualisation. Cultural literacy leads to a better understanding of the reality of a cultural community and the language which carries cultural information in the form of cultural conceptualisations. We demonstrate their manifestation using the examples of cultural schemata, categories, metaphors and precedential phenomena. They prove different perceptions of the world based on the specific experience of a cultural community. These differences in the understanding of the reality induced by cultural filters often cause difficulties in intercultural communication. Therefore, while teaching languages, it is important to provide enough space for the topic of culture through developing cultural literacy. 

Keywords: culture, cultural schemata, cultural categories, cultural metaphors, precedential phenomena